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Investing in Sustainable Solutions

Who We Are

Onyx is a leader in the development and finance of C&I and small scale utility projects in North America. Onyx was established in 2014 by funds from Blackstone Energy Partners. We deliver best-in-class solar systems to a wide range of clients in the commercial and industrial sectors, from public and private businesses to NGOs, nonprofits, government municipalities, school districts, local utilities, and co-ops.

An Onyx employee installing panels on a roof in Manhattan.

Our Goals

  • Promote relationships that lead to sustainable benefits for both parties.
  • Produce the most economical costs for services.
  • Provide our clients with quality service and expertise.
  • Protect the environment.

A Record of Success

Our team brings over 250 years of collective industry experience, with more than 1GW of renewable projects developed across the United States. We are currently developing, constructing, or operating projects in eleven states.

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Unparalleled Financial Backing

We have the capital to see any project through to completion due to sponsor equity from Blackstone and tax equity from our partners.

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Our Partnership with Blackstone

In October 2014, Blackstone announced it would back the highly experienced management team from Solops, creating Onyx Renewable Partners. Blackstone is a leading financial institution in the private investment sector with a long history of backing power development teams.

Onyx is Blackstone’s 9th portfolio management team and 3rd management team focused on power.

Our Process

We have capabilities to oversee every stage of each solar project, from development and engineering to construction and management. Our turnkey approach ensures optimal execution, high quality control standards, and accelerates time from development to operation. Our people and process ensures extensive experience at every level of the solar installation process.


There is no need for additional funding, given our access to tax equity from the world’s leading investment banks. Through our current business model, we have amassed a sizable portfolio of operating solar assets and are actively seeking more opportunities to grow. Due to our wealth of deployable capital, we have put together an expert team, capable of completing every stage of the solar installation process with high quality standards and close attention to detail.

Development & Engineering

We have all necessary project management, development, and engineering capabilities in-house. Our internal team of engineers work closely with customers, the utility, and local contractors to design and construct the optimal system. When it comes to designing and planning solar projects, attention to detail is crucial. With every unique project, there are unexpected hurdles; our accomplished team of engineers have seen it all and are able to solve complex issues and create solutions for the unexpected hurdles.


Our trusted national network of subcontractors and suppliers ensures complete construction capabilities. Members of our team have worked hands-on, in the field at every position-–-from labor to manager. Our Chief Construction Officer oversees every project to ensure we meet schedules and budgets.

Operation & Management

We want our panels to produce as much energy for our clients as possible. Through our Operation and Management division, we deliver maximum production on all of our projects. Using state-of-the-art technology, we monitor our systems remotely, and provide live, up-to-date information to our clients.

Our Projects

We have built solar systems across the country for a wide variety of clients. We are actively seeking opportunities for growth through Greenfield Development and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Project Pipeline

Shaded states indicate areas in which the Onyx team has, or is currently developing, renewable energy projects.

Featured Project

Our solar installation at Clifton Park consists of 3,114 modules and 31 inverters, capable of producing 996.48 kWDC.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to bring clean, sustainable energy to North America.

Global population is increasing. Global energy demand is growing at an unsustainable rate. Our planet is undergoing drastic climate change. The need for sustainable energy has never been more pressing. Recent advances in renewable technology have allowed us to produce and provide cost-effective energy while minimizing our carbon footprint. Solutions, such as solar and wind power, are more accessible and efficient than ever before and we are committed to bringing these sustainable solutions to the forefront of the energy landscape.