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Onyx Completes 6.2MW Solar Services Agreement Allowing 3rd Party Ownership in Pima County, AZ

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Under the SSA, Onyx completed carport and rooftop projects across 15 sites in Pima County

Originating in 2016, Onyx developed a partnership with Pima County under a Solar Services Agreement (SSA) structure, allowing third-party ownership in Arizona.

Onyx acquired and completed a portfolio of projects in early-stage development that was later expanded to 15 projects for Pima County, AZ, including 7 municipal buildings.

Pima County, AZ - Onyx Renewables

The municipal and community facilities include the Pima County Stadium, Community Parks, Animal Care Facility, Juvenile Jail Facility, and Medical Examiner’s Office.

Interconnected into Tucson Electric Power utility territory behind the meter, the projects are operated and maintained by Onyx through our vertically-integrated Onyx Asset Services Group.

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First multi-family community in New York state to be awarded LEED Platinum certification

As a direct result of Onyx’s efforts, StuyTown and Peter Cooper Village became the first multi-family communities in New York state to be awarded LEED Platinum certification, the highest level of green building certification.

The StuyTown and Peter Cooper Village project also benefits New York City as a whole. All energy generated by the StuyTown panels is collected and distributed in the power grid by the local utility, Consolidated Edison (Con Edison). This extra solar energy will help reduce outages by taking pressure off the grid when demand for electricity is peaking on hot summer days.

"What keeps me coming back to Onyx is just that spirit of collaboration and partnership and fairness. There's a lot of folks out there that do not take that approach."

Brian Seibel, President, Solon
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