Feb 2, 2023

Solar 101 Series - Benefits of Adopting Solar Energy

Why should your organization switch to renewable energy by adopting solar?


Did you know that consumers are more likely to trust and recommend environmentally conscious businesses? In fact, studies have shown that consumers are not only more likely to switch to a brand that supports environmental causes, but they’re also willing to pay more for products and services from businesses that actively implement green initiatives.

If that’s not enough reason to make the switch to clean energy today, maybe some of the following points can convince you!

1. Economic / Cost Savings

One of the main and immediate benefits of switching to solar energy is the potential for cost savings to your institution. Solar can reduce a business's energy bills, as the cost of solar energy can be significantly cheaper than the cost of traditional energy charged by the utility. Furthermore, producing your own energy onsite means that you save on the demand costs that the utility charges you, too. And did we mention that Onyx can help you do all of this without any upfront cost or investment to you?

Because it’s a renewable energy source, solar energy reduces the need for traditional, non-renewable energy sources (fossil fuels) such as coal, oil, and natural gas. This can result in significant cost savings, as the price of these non-renewable energy sources can be volatile and subject to fluctuations in the global market. Switching to solar energy also helps reduce dependence on the electrical grid, the energy from which typically sees annual increases in prices while leaving you subject to outages / blackouts.

With solar energy, homes and businesses can generate their own electricity, providing both peace of mind and stability during power outages, while also avoiding the high energy bills that typically accompany peak usage times. And with the increasing availability of financing options for solar (which we’d be happy to discuss with you!), now is a great time to make the switch to solar energy.

2. Environmental / Carbon Reduction

In addition to the financial benefits, switching to solar can positively impact the environment, specifically by reducing the use of fossil fuels and thereby decreasing carbon emissions. Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of energy that does not produce harmful emissions or contribute to climate change during the power generation process, making it a much friendlier option environmentally when compared to traditional energy sources as mentioned above.

By going green with solar, you can help conserve finite resources and reduce negative effects on the environment. Indeed, solar helps reduce the impact of certain industry activities that are necessary to extract and transport fossil fuels, as well as the pollution and waste produced by the generation of these energy sources, namely carbon emissions.

Similarly, switching to solar helps mitigate strain on the electrical grid, which can result in a reduction of energy infrastructure over time, such as power plants and transmission lines, both of which have significant environmental impacts. By reducing demand from the utility grid and using a cleaner, more sustainable source of energy, solar helps create a more environmentally responsible future.

3. Social Impact / Positive Public Perception

Businesses that switch to solar energy can also benefit from positive public perception while also having a positive social impact. As mentioned before, studies show that consumers are increasingly seeking out businesses that prioritize sustainability and the environment in their daily operations and long-term ESG goals. By investing in solar, businesses and communities can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, which is why switching to solar energy can help a business differentiate itself and appeal to this market.

Converting to solar energy also has a positive impact on public health by reducing air and water pollution associated with the fossil fuels mentioned above. Additionally, solar provides a reliable source of energy, which for example can help communities maintain resiliency against rolling power outages.


As the solar industry continues to ramp up in growth, the adoption of clean energy is becoming increasingly popular among businesses and communities due to the benefits they can enjoy. Whether you’re looking to find cost savings, make a positive impact on the environment, or better your public image, Onyx can help you find the clean energy solutions that are right for you.