Mehana Solar to Deliver 6.6 MWac of Renewable Energy to O‘ahu Communities

Project to boost island’s annual energy storage capacity by 26.4 MWh of battery storage

Mehana Solar announced today it has been selected by Hawaiian Electric to build a paired photovoltaic solar panel array and battery storage project adjacent to Kalaeloa airport on land leased from the State of Hawai‘i Department of Hawaiian Home Lands. When operational, the project will generate 6.6 MWac of locally-produced renewable energy – enough to power about 1,300 homes on O‘ahu – and will provide 26.4 MWh of battery storage capacity annually.

Mehana Solar is a project by Onyx Development Group LLC, with the support of Arion Energy, LLC.

“Mehana Solar reflects Onyx’s core mission of delivering clean, sustainable energy for the benefit of our environment and to the benefit of consumers, companies and communities,” said Ja Kao, President and CEO of Onyx.

Project Description

Mehana Solar consists of more than 21,800 high-efficiency panels that maximize energy absorption and operate on quiet solar batteries. The project will utilize quiet, yet powerful lithium-ion batteries for its energy storage system.

“We are deeply honored and proud to help Hawai‘i achieve its green energy future,” said David Brian, Vice President of Business and Project Development at Onyx. “Mehana Solar will not only generate much-needed renewable energy for O‘ahu, but it will also contribute to the growth of the island’s energy storage system through the addition of more battery storage.”

Community Outreach

Mehana Solar is dedicated to engaging with and listening to feedback from the local community about the project. Onyx and partners will continue to build upon initial outreach efforts by hosting a series of community meetings during the Summer and Fall 2020 seasons, where people may ask questions and learn more about the project. Interested individuals may also subscribe on the project website to receive news and updates about Mehana Solar.

“Arion Energy has been actively developing commercial and community solar projects in Hawai‘i since 2010,” said Nick Azari, CEO and founder of Arion Energy, LLC. “We are proud to partner with Onyx for the development of a larger utility-scale project that supports Hawai‘i’s efforts to transition away from expensive, imported fossil fuel.”

Community Benefits

In addition to the general lease terms, the project owner will donate 1% of its annual gross revenue to fund future housing projects by the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.

Tentative Project Timeline

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About Mehana Solar LLC

Mehana Solar is a project by Onyx Development Group LLC, a subsidiary of Onyx Renewable Partners L.P., a Blackstone portfolio company, developed with the support of Arion Energy, LLC. With more than 21,800 solar panels, the project willconvertthe abundant sunshine of West O‘ahu and transform it into 6.6 MWac of locally-produced renewable energy for O‘ahu. When operational in 2021, Mehana Solar will also provide 26.4MWh of energy storage annually through its lithium-ion battery energy storage system. For more information visit